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Virtual and Hybrid Events

In an age where the lines between the physical and digital are constantly blurring, FrontHAUS stands at the forefront, pioneering ways to reshape the traditional event experience. When considering the modern landscape of conferences and seminars, the need for adaptive, efficient, and expansive outreach is undeniable.

Our platform is meticulously crafted, not merely to replicate the physical experience in a digital environment but to elevate it. Instead of wading through the quagmire of messaging platforms, attendees are welcomed into an integrated, user-centric space that is both familiar and exciting. We’ve poured our expertise into every facet, from managing diverse streams and speakers to recreating the grandiosity of a full-scale conference hall on the web.

Beyond merely adapting, our platform seizes the vast opportunities presented by the digital realm. With gamification elements that entertain while they engage and immersive virtual reality integrations, the boundary of what’s possible is constantly expanding.

Features include:

  • Event Landing Pages: Tailored pages that reflect your event’s unique brand and purpose.
  • Event Schedules Display: Organize and present your event itinerary seamlessly.
  • Livestreaming Capabilities: Broadcast your event to a global audience in real-time.
  • Live Video Services: Professional-grade green screen and live rendering capabilities.
  • Post-Event Video Services: Expert editing and post-processing for a polished finish.
  • Interactive Q&A Platforms: Engage audiences with real-time question and answer sessions.
  • Gamification Aspects: Boost attendee involvement with interactive elements.
  • Immersive Experiences: Dive deeper with experiences that captivate the senses.
  • Analytics: In-depth post-event reports and vital statistics.
  • Isomer Pages: Specialized support for agencies under the Singapore Government.

E-Commerce Solutions

In the bustling intersection of events and e-commerce, FrontHAUS is a beacon of excellence, guiding businesses and consumers alike. We recognize the potent synergy between events and commerce, be it ticket sales or exclusive merchandise. But it isn’t just about selling; it’s about crafting an engaging narrative, an immersive journey that is both visually stunning and functionally seamless.

Our e-commerce solutions are tailored to this exact need, ensuring that each user not only finds what they seek but enjoys the experience from beginning to end. With an understanding of the varied needs of vendors and businesses, we’ve developed platforms that provide autonomy, flexibility, and an unmatched user experience. The integration of popular payment methods, including Singapore’s PayNow, PayPal, and Stripe, ensures a smooth transaction, fostering trust and efficiency.

Features include:

  • eShops: Tailored e-commerce spaces to display your products.
  • Self-Managed Shops: Offer vendors autonomy with easy-to-manage online spaces.
  • Multi-Vendor Platforms: Centralize multiple vendors under one digital roof.
  • Promotional Payment Options: Special offers through promo codes, card discounts, and more.
  • Diverse Payment Gateways: From Singapore’s PayNow to global platforms like PayPal and Stripe.

Ticketing and Booking Solutions

In the realm of events, the first impression is often the ticketing and booking process. FrontHAUS ensures this initial touchpoint is as memorable as the event itself. No two events are the same; they vary in scale, complexity, and audience. Recognizing this, our platforms are customizable to a fault, catering to both intimate gatherings and sprawling multi-day extravaganzas.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we’ve developed mobile solutions that redefine attendee check-in, shifting it from a mundane task to an exciting start of their event journey. The importance of this initial phase cannot be understated; it sets the tone, and with FrontHAUS, you’re guaranteed a harmonious beginning.

Features include:

  • Custom Platforms: Built specifically for intricate events.
  • Mobile App Check-in: A modern solution for efficient guest entry.

Interactive Booth Experiences

At the heart of every memorable event lie interactive experiences, moments that captivate and leave an indelible mark. FrontHAUS’s interactive booth experiences are conceived with this singular goal in mind. In the vast ocean of live events, it’s the novel, the unique, and the immersive that stand out. Our AR Photobooths, for instance, aren’t just about capturing a moment; they’re about enhancing it, breathing life into every snapshot.

Whether it’s an animated model that adds a sprinkle of magic or instant prints that provide tangible memories, we go the extra mile. Every feature, from the Photo Wall to real-time animations, is designed to engross, ensuring attendees carry a piece of the event long after it concludes.

Features include:

  • AR Photobooth: Animated models for fun snapshots, with instant print options.
  • Photo Wall: Capture memories and showcase them beautifully.

Physical Event Services

While the digital wave has transformed the events space, the charm and allure of physical events remain unparalleled. FrontHAUS bridges the best of both worlds, bringing cutting-edge tech solutions to traditional event settings.

The attendee’s journey, from the moment they receive their convention badge to the instant they make an on-demand payment, is punctuated with technological marvels. Badges aren’t just identifiers; with NFC support, they become interactive keys, unlocking curated experiences. Similarly, our booth rendering services aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about creating spaces that resonate, that tell a story.

Every service, be it 3D printing or access control, is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the physical event space with the best of technology.

Features include:

  • Badge Printing: Choose between pre-printed cardstock or premium PVC, with NFC options.
  • Access Control: Seamless check-ins, entitlement verifications, and leads tracking scanners.
  • On-Demand Payments: Convenient transaction solutions for event-goers.
  • Booth Rendering Services: Expert designs for attention-grabbing displays.
  • 3D Printing: Bring intricate designs to life.

Metaverse Solutions

In the brave new world of the metaverse, events aren’t just attended; they’re lived. FrontHAUS’s foray into this realm is not just about creating 3D spaces; it’s about crafting entire universes where possibilities are endless.

Imagine events where boundaries are redefined, where attendees aren’t just passive observers but active participants in a gamified world. This isn’t the future; it’s the present, and with our metaverse solutions, businesses can leap into this new era with confidence and creativity.

Loyalty Solutions

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, businesses don’t just need customers; they need advocates, champions who return time and again. FrontHAUS’s loyalty solutions are precision-engineered to nurture such relationships. Tracking isn’t about numbers; it’s about understanding, about gleaning insights into behaviors and preferences.

With our robust analytics, businesses can pivot and adapt, ensuring they’re always aligned with their customers’ needs. But it isn’t just about data; it’s about action. Our platforms enable businesses to roll out promotions, offering exclusive benefits that reward loyalty and foster long-term relationships.

Features include:

  • Customer Tracking: Stay informed on customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Analytics: Gain actionable insights from collected data.
  • Promotions: Offer exclusive benefits to your most dedicated customers.

Consultation Services

Every business journey begins with an idea, a spark. At FrontHAUS, we specialize in fanning this spark into a roaring blaze. Our consultation services are more than just advice; they’re partnerships. We walk alongside businesses, guiding, mentoring, and providing the tools they need to bring their visions to life. Whether it’s a nascent idea or a pivot in strategy, our expertise ensures that businesses are always on the path to success.

This is FrontHAUS

With FrontHAUS, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re forging a partnership, one that is committed to redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in the event space.